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A mechanical engineering design firm that has capabilities to manufacture industrial test connector assemblies for your unique process.
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Mechanical Engineering and
Test Connector Design

At Finias Engineering & Design we are committed to helping our customers build innovative solutions. We can address the most difficult design needs and build tools for testing new applications. We utilize SolidWorks 3D Design software to complete projects within specifications, under budget and on time.

Do you need…

On-site customer service?
Help creating the right solution?
A partner invested in your solution?

Faster delivery dates?
Better durability?
Improved reliability?

From automated machine design to test connector assemblies, Finias Engineering & Design strives to deliver the best products in a timely manner.


Custom test connector assemblies

We have diverse engineering backgrounds in:

  • Automated Machine Design & Manufacturing

  • Mold Design & Manufacturing

  • Fabrication & Machining

  • Alternative Energy

  • Test Connector Assembly Manufacturing

We can assist no matter the need. Our team is here whether you need a fresh perspective on an ongoing project or would like us to handle a project from concept to completion.

Custom Test Connector Assemblies

Test Connector Assemblies

Finias Engineering & Design specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom test connector assemblies. We use an ultra durable material that has been proven to be least susceptible to breakage during the abuse endured in manufacturing environments. Everything is wear resistant and all latches and hardware are made of stainless steel.

We have experience with Amphenol and Harting connectors and harnesses can be made from custom high flex wire or continuous multiconductor cables. We can design test connectors to your 3D data or we can design from an existing physical connector if you don't have the designs for your product. All test connectors, holding blocks, and home run cables are manufactured, assembled, and tested in-house.

Machine Design

Utilizing SolidWorks 3D software, our machine design capabilities are limited to none other than feasibility itself. We understand that typically 80% of the total cost of a project is determined during engineering. However, engineering accounts for a relatively minute portion of the total cost.

At Finias Engineering & Design, our time is spent minimizing material use, simplifying machining, and streamlining production needs. Each design is tailored to the customers standards, budget, manufacturing capabilities, and durability requirements while completing the project on time.

Mechanical Engineering Design

About Us

Office photo for automated test equipment, custom test connectors and home run cables

After working at a few companies as a mechanical engineer, Travis LaCombe decided to take his experience and grow it into his own business in 2014, leading to Finias Engineering & Design. Finias Engineering had a few offices in Grand Haven before setting up in Spring Lake.

At our current location we have space for our engineering designers and the production space for our test connector assemblies to be machined and assembled. We have a Haas CNC in the back of the building, our workspace for manufacturing in the front and our designers are in the middle of everything.

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Finias Engineering & Design is capable of handling all of your engineering needs, from automated machine designs to test connector assemblies. Given the specifications of your product we can create cable assemblies to fit your needs. We can design from existing connectors or help you create the correct assembly for your production line.

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